Build This House

from by Average Mammal

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On an early May mornin' we broke ground, to dig a big ditch, way low down,
to keep us dry and move the water away.
We dug it way long and we dug it real deep, 'took three days and it wasn't cheap, but
the water is movin' and we are here to stay.

In the middle of June we dug the foundation, Hydraulic excavator shakin' all creation,
Concrete footings poured on solid ground.
By the end of the month we had a big, deep hole. Fully invested money, body and soul.
Ain't no turning back on this road now.

Build this house. Build this house.

With trucks full of lumber and kegs of nails, (that) boggle the mind and tip the scales,
ready to build the first floor of our new home. (with a)
Worm drive, cat's paw, pneumatic framing nailer, Compressor, chalk line and an old job trailer,
Workin' with a crew and often workin' alone.

We set the columns, we bolted the beams, We laid the sub-floor and staggered the seams,
Glued and nailed it down by the hair of my chin.
Framed the windows, the walls and doors, This big-old house has (one) TWO floors,
Gotta get the roof on before the rains begin. (CHORUS)

While workin' outside I slipped & fell, into a dark pit where the Lady from Hell,
had spoken to my Lover while in an altered state.
I was hurt pretty bad and my body let go, Hobbled and bent, I tried not to let it show,
I almost gave up but instead decided to wait.

In time it healed and I grew strong, back on the job working hard and long,
Straw bales came upon a sunny day.
With friends and loved ones the bales were stacked, Upward always, never looking back,
Nevermore shall dragons steal this dream away. Gotta (CHORUS)

With the straw bales stacked and the windows trimmed, lights are on and the shadows dimmed,
My lover paints while I attend the list.
The stained glass Heron on our front door, the hedge-row, house, the yard and more.
No spoken dreams are sweet or clear as this.

Finally moved in and it wasn't long (we knew the) roots of the house were deep and strong 'cause
an earthquake tore our neighborhood into fear.
This ain't California, nobody gonna warn ya, City fuckin' fathers got no damn clue but
Nothin' fell down and we are still here!

oday our home is fine and fair, I'm happy to be living there,
with she who holds my heart within her hand.
There's nothing less nor more to gain, This place of sun and wind and rain
is home to us, our hearts, our home, our land. Gotta (CHORUS)


from hardly average​.​.​., released March 10, 2012
Julianne Marx: Backing Vocals
Phil Heaven: Violin
Craig Olson: Everything else




Average Mammal Bellingham, Washington

Average Mammal - Electro-Dance Rock & Funk.
Pink Floyd on Jagermeister,
Black Sabbath on shrooms.

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